Remember to Play it on Loop

play it on loop

I don’t want to forget

Let this impasse be on loop

I’ll remember

Till I choose not to

recall anymore, notions

Of being in this state

Of being that someone

other who soars in love.

Let this stillness play on loop

lest I lose track,

Of all that remains to be traced

In records & archives,

behind secure fire-walls.

Let stillness pervade,

as movement disturbs …

The memory of what was.

Winged creatures take fancy flights

out of the transit, cocoon and I

try to down the shutters,

this love nest needs no bother.

A peek, a peck, a wink, one ping!

A single yes within a hyperlink

Acknowledge what was,

Don’t bother with trifles

Let the breath be held

While we compose in silence.


* picture courtesy Jeroen van Loon